Who reflects who
The Sisyphus Museum is about a hundred times smaller than other museums in the city.
The exhibition on display seems to show nothing but scarcely noticeable people.
Hundreds of people minimized to tiny pinheads.
Nothing is too tiny to reflect on.
The exhibition seems to be nothing but a grid in front of the people,
The system of measurement or system of cells.
Or just a cage.
We see people who keep distances.
They can bump into the Museum, randomly.
They might see themselves inside the Museum.
They might not see hundreds of people there.
Nothing is too far to reflect on.
We see people who isolated themselves.
We see them in social networks, not in real life.
They see the Museum's exhibition, not in real life, but self-isolated on their display devices.
Inside the frame of the phone's screen, the scale doesn't matter.
Is it any different from other documentations of other exhibitions?
Hundreds of images per minute.
Nothing is too fast to reflect on.